Reform Freemasonry?

A Question for the Future of Freemasony


Richard A. Graeter


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1st Publication – November 30, 2007
1st Revised Publication – March 18, 2008
2nd Revised Publication – August 31, 2010
3rd Revised Publication – December 21, 2014

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Table of Contents

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Front Matter

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Three Voices

What Are We Trying to Save?

It's About Time!

Voting With Their Feet

Three Voices

How to Preserve and Stimulate Freemasonry

Preserve the Core


Stimulate Progress

Preserve & Stimulate

How to Build a Cult-Like Culture

Tell an Inspiring Story
A Culture of Identity

 Organizational Structure 

Cult-Like CUlture

The Role of Grand Lodges

How Grand Lodges can support and build Freemasonry

Grand Lodges

Orbiting the Giant Hairball

How to orbit the giant hairball of bureaucracy. 

The Giant Hairball

The Pyramid and the Plum Tree

A Fable

Plant a Tree